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rje_pydocs V2.17.1

Python Module Documentation & Distribution

Module: rje_pydocs
Description: Python Module Documentation & Distribution
Version: 2.17.1
Last Edit: 11/09/20

Copyright © 2011 Richard J. Edwards - See source code for GNU License Notice

Imported modules: rje rje_db rje_html rje_obj rje_ppi rje_zen

See SLiMSuite Blog for further documentation. See rje for general commands.


This module is designed to aid handling and maintenance of linked Python Modules by creating limited documentation for the module, its objects and their methods. Possible interactions between modules and methods can also be identified. In addition, this module can be used to make the distribution directory for a python project and form the basis of linked webpages.


### ~~~ Python Module Input Options ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ###
name=X : Name for PyDoc run. Used for file naming and within documentation files. ['pydocs']
pylist=LIST : List of python modules to upload. Can have * wildcards. Will add '.py' if missing. ['*']
pypath=PATH : Path to python modules. Will also look in listed sourcedir subfolders. [../]
sourcedir=LIST : List of subdirectories in which to look for modules [tools,extras,libraries,legacy]
addimports=T/F : Whether to add identified imported modules to python module list [True]
docsource=PATH : Input path for Python Module documentation (manuals etc.) ['../docs/']
### ~~~ Python Module Processing and Documentation Options ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ###
html=T/F : Whether to make a basic HTML page of module docstrings (will make linked fun later) [False]
fulldoc=T/F : Whether to generate full docstring output including Classes and Methods [False]
methodskip=LIST : List of methods to skip documentation [makeInfo,cmdHelp,setupProgram,Main]
methodcap=X : Maximum number of method calls before collapsed to single line [0]
calls=T/F : Whether to output Method Calls [False]
self=T/F : Whether to include 'self' calls of methods if calls=T [False]
docdir=PATH : Output path for Python Module documentation ['../docs/']
stylesheets=LIST: List of style sheets to use for HTML ['rje_tabber.css','re1u06.css']
stylepath=PATH : Path to style sheets and javascript code folder etc. []
author=X : Author name to put at bottom of webpages [RJ Edwards]
keywords=LIST : List of keywords to add in additon to module names/descriptions []
modlinks=LIST : List of rje_ppi formats for module import links (xgmml,tdt,svg,r,png) [xgmml]
makepages=T/F : Special run to generate default cmd/ and docs/ pages for commandline option docs [False]
logourl=URL : URL to SLiMSuite program logos ['']
manualurl=URL : URL to SLiMSuite program manuals ['']
resturl=URL : URL for REST server to pull outfmt docs ['']

### ~~~ Distribution and Webpage options ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ###
distribute=LIST : Names of distributions - gets details from distributions.txt ['SLiMSuite']
distdir=PATH : Output directory for distribution directories ['../packages/']
webdir=PATH : Directory containing webpage resources [../html/']
email=X : E-Mail address for general contact []
release=X : Release for packages [YYYY-MM-DD]

See also generic commandline options.

History Module Version History

    # 2.0 - Initial Compilation based on rje_pydocs 1.7 (now, converted to new module framework.
    # 2.1 - Added R code and INI directory.
    # 2.2 - Minor bug fixes for distribution making code.
    # 2.3 - Added Release text (default YYMMDD) to be inserted into downloads.
    # 2.4 - Implemented reading of version numbers and outputting updates to log.
    # 2.5 - Converted to make use of settings/ directory in place of libraries/ini/
    # 2.6 - Minor bug fixes for readme etc. Changed to read ini for packages from ./defaults/.
    # 2.7 - Added rje_ppi output for module links.
    # 2.8 - Added parsing of commandline options from docstring and cmdRead calls.
    # 2.8 - Added docsource=PATH  : Input path for Python Module documentation (manuals etc.) ['../docs/']
    # 2.9 - Attempts to fix some broken links and sort out manuals confusion.
    # 2.10- Added legacy/ to default drives for processing.
    # 2.11- Added development option for multifile HTML readme output.
    # 2.12- Continued modification of the HTML output for SLiMSuite package generation.
    # 2.13- Centred logo and altered restricted width (300) to height (120).
    # 2.14.0 - Added handling of X.Y.Z versions.
    # 2.15.0 - Added parsing and generation of "pages" for new rest server docs functions.
    # 2.15.1 - Tweaked formatting of outfmt and docstring documentation.
    # 2.15.2 - Tweaked formatting of docstring documentation.
    # 2.15.3 - Fixed URL formatting of docstring documentation.
    # 2.16.0 - Added Webserver tab to doc parsing from settings/*.form.
    # 2.16.1 - Added parsing of imports within a try/except block. (Cannot be on same line as try: or except:)
    # 2.16.2 - Tweaked makePages() output.
    # 2.16.3 - Fixed docstring REST parsing to work with _V* modules.
    # 2.16.4 - Tweaked formatDocString.
    # 2.16.5 - Added general commands to docstring HTML for REST servers.
    # 2.16.6 - Modified parsing to keep DocString for SPyDarm runs.
    # 2.16.7 - Fixed T/F/FILE option type parsing bug.
    # 2.16.8 - Updated to to parse https.
    # 2.16.9 - Tweaked docstring parsing.
    # 2.17.0 - Added markdown parsing of _italics_ and **bold** for REST docstring parsing.
    # 2.17.1 - Added testRun() method to test new code.

© 2015 RJ Edwards. Contact: