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SLiMSuite REST tools

This page gives the SLiMSuite tools available as REST services. For general REST help, see:

Addition of REST services for SLiMSuite tools is ongoing and the list below may be incomplete. All tools that can be accessed through the SLiMSuite module can, in principle, be accessed via the REST service. However, not all tools will have useful output returned. Please contact me if you want additional REST services from SLiMSuite added.

To test where program is accessible via the REST interface, try:

If the program docstring is returned, see if specific REST out formats have been documented:

If in doubt, try running it with full output and see what is returned:

(Note that most programs will need additional input options to run. See

Implemented REST Tools

The following REST services are currently available:

  • iuscore = IUPred disorder scoring. Requires &acc=X.
  • gopher = GOPHER orthology prediction. Requires: &uniprotid=LIST.
  • qslimfinder = Query SLiMFinder de novo SLiM discovery. Requires &uniprotid=LIST&query=X.
  • rlc = Relative Local Conservation scoring. Requires &acc=X&spcode=X.
  • slimmaker = SLiMMaker Simple Regex SLiM generation from aligned peptides. Requires: &peptides=LIST.
  • slimfinder = SLiMFinder de novo SLiM discovery. Requires &uniprotid=LIST.
  • slimprob = SLiMProb known SLiM discovery. Requires &uniprotid=LIST&motifs=LIST.
  • zen = Random Zen wisdom generator. (Primarily for testing the server.)

The following REST services are currently in development:

  • pingu = Protein-protein interaction extraction. Requires &hublist=LIST.
  • uniprot = Uniprot download and parsing. Requires: &uniprotid=LIST.
  • xref = Database cross-referencing tools. Requires &mapxref=LIST.

More help

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