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rje_paf V0.13.0

Minimap2 PAF parser and converter

Module: rje_paf
Description: Minimap2 PAF parser and converter
Version: 0.13.0
Last Edit: 01/09/21

Copyright © 2019 Richard J. Edwards - See source code for GNU License Notice

Imported modules: rje rje_forker rje_obj rje_db rje_seqlist rje_sequence

See SLiMSuite Blog for further documentation. See rje for general commands.


This module is designed to use Minimap alignments in PAF format (with the --cs flag) to replace blastn for all-by-all genome assembly comparisons for PAGSAT etc.

Input is a PAF file with --cs flag, produced by minimap:

minimap2 --cs -N 100 -p 0.0001 -x asm20 $REFERENCE $ASSEMBLY > $PAFILE

Setting pafin=minimap will run minimap2 and generate $BASEFILE.paf output, which will then be processed.

Output is a series of tables that emulate GABLAM output:

  • hitsum.tdt = summary of hits per query sequence.
  • gablam.tdt = summary stats for each query-hit pair.
  • local.tdt = local hits table. Will include alignments if localaln=T
  • qryunique.tdt = local hits table reduced to unique coverage of query ($ASSEMBLY) sequences (qryunique=T).
  • hitunique.tdt = local hits table reduced to unique coverage of hit ($REFERENCE) sequences (hitunique=T).

NOTE: When Snapper runs rje_paf it inverts the reference and assembly so that the query is the reference.

The default functionality is to emulate GABLAM (and thereby replace blast+ in GABLAM with the mapper=minimap flag). However, excess fields can be reduced with mockblast=T. Additional fields are output either way.


Input/Output options

pafin=PAFFILE : PAF generated from $REFERENCE $ASSEMBLY mapping []
basefile=STR : Base for file outputs [PAFIN basefile]
seqin=FASFILE : Input genome to identify variants in ($ASSEMBLY) []
reference=FILE : Fasta (with accession numbers matching Locus IDs) ($REFERENCE) []
assembly=FASFILE: As seqin=FASFILE
uniqueout=T/F : Whether to output *.qryunique.tdt and *.hitunique.tdt tables of unique coverage [True]
uniquehit=T/F : Option to use *.hitunique.tdt table of unique coverage for GABLAM coverage stats [False]
alnseq=T/F : Whether to use alnseq-based processing (True) or CS-Gstring processing [False]
localaln=T/F : Whether to output local alignments in Local Table [False]
mockblast=T/F : Whether to output mock BLAST headers even when not appropriate [True]

Minimap2 run/mapping options

minlocid=PERC : Minimum percentage identity for aligned chunk to be kept (local %identity) [0]
minloclen=INT : Minimum length for aligned chunk to be kept (local hit length in bp) [0]
endextend=X : Extend minimap2 hits to end of sequence if query region with X bp of end [0]
minimap2=PROG : Full path to run minimap2 [minimap2]
mapopt=CDICT : Dictionary of minimap2 options [N:100,p:0.0001,x:asm20]
mapsplice=T/F : Switch default minimap2 options to -x splice -uf -C5 [False]
reads=FILELIST : List of fasta/fastq read files for minimap2 mapping to BAM. Wildcard allowed. Can be gzipped. []
readtype=LIST : List of ont/pb/hifi file types matching reads for minimap2 mapping [ont]

Coverage checking mode (dev only)

checkpos=TDTFILE: File of Locus, Start, End positions for read coverage checking [None]
checkfields=LIST: Fields in checkpos file to give Locus, Start and End for checking [Locus,Start,End]
checkflanks=LIST: List of lengths flanking check regions that must also be spanned by reads [0,100,1000,5000]
spanid=X : Generate sets of read IDs that span checkpos regions, grouped by values of field X []

Variant mode (dev only)

snptableout=T/F : Generated output of filtered variants to SNP Table [False]
qcut=X : Min. quality score for a mapped read to be included [0]
minqn=X : Min. number of non-N reads meeting qcut for output (after indel filtering) [10]
rid=T/F : Whether to include Read ID (number) lists for each allele [True]
readnames=T/F : Output the read names to the RID file [False]
indels=T/F : Whether to include indels in "SNP" parsing [True]
skiploci=LIST : List of loci to exclude from pileup parsing (e.g. mitochondria) []
mincut=X : Minimum read count for minor allele (proportion if <1) [0.05]
absmincut=X : Absolute minimum read count for minor allele (used if mincut<1) [2]
biallelic=T/F : Whether to restrict SNPs to pure biallelic SNPs (two alleles meeting mincut) [False]
ignoren=T/F : Whether to exclude "N" calls from alleles [True]
ignoreref=T/F : If False will always keep Reference allele and call fixed change as SNP [True]

Processing options

forks=X : Number of parallel sequences to process at once [0]
killforks=X : Number of seconds of no activity before killing all remaining forks. [36000]
forksleep=X : Sleep time (seconds) between cycles of forking out more process [0]

History Module Version History

    # 0.0.0 - Initial Compilation.
    # 0.1.0 - Initial working version. Compatible with GABLAM v2.30.0 and Snapper v1.7.0.
    # 0.2.0 - Added endextend=X : Extend minimap2 hits to end of sequence if with X bp [10]
    # 0.3.0 - Added mapsplice mode for dealing with transcript mapping.
    # 0.3.1 - Correct PAF splicing bug.
    # 0.4.0 - Added TmpDir and forking for GABLAM conversion.
    # 0.5.0 - Added uniquehit=T/F : Option to use *.hitunique.tdt table of unique coverage for GABLAM coverage stats [False]
    # 0.6.0 - Added CS alignment manipulation methods.
    # 0.6.1 - Added additional error-handling for CS parsing errors.
    # 0.7.0 - Added alnseq=T/F : Whether to use alnseq-based processing (True) or CS-Gstring processing (dev only) [False]
    # 0.7.1 - Disabled endextend due to bug.
    # 0.7.2 - Fixed alnlen bug - minimap2 ignore Ns for alignment length calculation. Fixed endextend bug.
    # 0.7.3 - Added minlocid and minloclen filtering to PAF parsing to speed up processing. Set default alnseq=F.
    # 0.8.0 - Added developmental variant calling options.
    # 0.9.0 - Added long-read mapping to BAM option.
    # 0.10.0 - Added longreadMinimapPAF() and checkpos=TDTFILE options.
    # 0.10.1 - Added spanid=X: Generate sets of read IDs that span checkpos regions, based on values of field X []
    # 0.10.2 - Fixed formatting for Python 2.6 back compatibility for servers.
    # 0.10.3 - Fixing issues of PAF files not being generated.
    # 0.11.0 - Added HiFi read type.
    # 0.12.0 - Added readnames=T/F : Output the read names to the RID file [False]
    # 0.13.0 - Updated default -x to asm20 (5% divergence). Use minimap2 map-hifi setting for hifi read mapping.

rje_paf REST Output formats

Run with &rest=docs for program documentation and options. A plain text version is accessed with &rest=help.
&rest=OUTFMT can be used to retrieve individual parts of the output, matching the tabs in the default
(&rest=format) output. Individual OUTFMT elements can also be parsed from the full (&rest=full) server output,
which is formatted as follows:
... contents for OUTFMT section ...

Available REST Outputs

There is currently no specific help available on REST output for this program.

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